Life can feel like it's running away from you...
 I'm here to lend some tips and help slow it down.

Balancing work and home life
Hello there! 
My name is Amy and I am here in the hope that I can help spread positivity and creativity amongst all of you hard workers out there! I will provide craft,food, art, fashion and life hacks which I feel I have learnt to do when perhaps TIME is not something you have a lot of. 

Loving Life! Loving Hacks!
Life gets busy, and sometimes we wonder why we have struggled down this path, but no matter what you do that makes your life busy, you ARE lucky, hard working AND most importantly DOING WELL. I try and make decisions in life in the healthiest and most responsible way I can, but we are not perfect and sometimes this proves impossible, expecially with limited time. Life hacks are key!


Embrace your busy life and give yourself some credit! 

       Take a break

Whether it be a 5* 2 week holiday in Dubai or a camping trip in your local field...
Make sure you make time for you! Don't feel guilty, you work so hard!